Clinical e-Audit

Type 2 diabetes and CVD: managing the risk

Improve health outcomes for your patients with both type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD) by familiarising yourself with the latest CV outcome data and increasing your confidence to navigate management choices for these patients.

  • Cost: free

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New data retrieval features are now available for this Clinical e-Audit, allowing GPs to generate a list of potentially eligible patients and sync patient data to autopopulate relevant questions in the Clinical e-Audit. 
This Clinical e-Audit requires data to be submitted for only SEVEN (7) patients.

Over the last few years, the management of type 2 diabetes has become increasingly complex and more challenging. This in part has been due to the introduction of new medicines, updated guidelines and results from emerging cardiovascular outcome trials. This Clinical e-Audit will help you to: 

  • review your approach to managing CV risk factors for patients with both type 2 diabetes and CVD
  • identify and optimise progress towards individual treatment targets (eg, blood pressure, LDL-C and HbA1c)
  • use a stepped approach to treatment intensification when glycaemic targets are not being met
  • consider emerging evidence from CV outcome trials when recommending treatment. 

Our Clinical e-Audits are free quality improvement activities that help GPs review their current prescribing practice for patients with certain conditions, compared with current best practice guidelines.

What’s involved:

  • completing electronic data collection for 7 patients
  • submitting de-identified data securely online
  • reflecting on immediate patient-specific feedback to assist implementation of changes to practice
  • reviewing individual and peer feedback results, based on achievement of best practice clinical indicators
  • recording progress of individual patients automatically identified for review
  • reflecting on improvements in your practice.


Quality assurance poster
Display this poster to inform patients that your practice participates in quality improvement activities.
Clinical e-Audit patient leaflet 
Make these information leaflets available to inform patients that your practice participates in quality improvement activities.

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