Clinical e-Audits

Improving clinical practice for better patient health

Our e-audits transform your clinical patient data into relevant quality improvement action points based on the latest evidence. Participants receive immediate and dynamic patient-specific recommendations to improve quality of care, patient safety and health outcomes.


Clinical e-Audits provide

  • Recommendations to help you create an action plan for individual patients.
  • Expert commentary based on best practice and clinical experience, provided by a key figure in the therapeutic area.
  • Measures of best practice to see how your current practice compares with your peers.

Our newer Clinical e-Audits offer automated patient finding and syncing of patient data from your clinical information system, allowing auto-population of relevant data collection questions.

“Excellent audit, identified a large gap in my management”
“Very well structured and good clinical resources”
GPs, after completing Clinical e-Audit on Neuropathic Pain

Available to

  • GPs
  • GP registrars

Cost: free to participate



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