NPS MedicineWise was established in 1998 as the National Prescribing Service (NPS) Limited. Through two decades of continuous national leadership and services provided in the health sector, NPS MedicineWise remains committed to supporting quality use of medicines to improve health decisions and health and economic outcomes in Australia.

Our philosophy

Independent. Not-for-profit. Evidence-based. Consumer-centred.

Our mission

To enable people to make and act on the best decisions about medicines, medical tests, health technologies and other options for better heath and economic outcomes

Our vision

Our work will ensure people can access the best care and achieve the best value, considering individual circumstances

Improving health decisions and outcomes

Established in 1998 with the primary aim of promoting quality use of medicines, today we have grown to connect with health consumers and health professionals nation-wide, changing attitudes and behaviours, and empowering all Australians to make the best possible healthcare decisions when they count.

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Work with us

Evidence-based solutions designed to improve health knowledge and decision making

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Our programs & publications

  • Over 50
    multi-faceted programs implemented
  • Over 300,000
    educational visits to GPs delivered
  • Over 90
    scientific publications

Our educational activities*

  • Nearly 50,000
    health professional participants
  • Over 150,000
    health professional subscriptions to our publications
  • Over 13 million
    consumer participants

Our impact

  • Over $1 billion
    in total Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) savings
  • Nearly $98 million
    in total Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) savings

NPS MedicineWise is part of the MedicineWise Group

The MedicineWise Group was established to support the financial sustainability of NPS MedicineWise and expand opportunities to improve health and economic outcomes in Australia. The work of the MedicineWise Group remains consistent with the NPS MedicineWise mission.


NPS MedicineWise

Independent, not-for-profit, evidence-based and consumer-centred



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