Diagnostic imaging is an important aspect of clinical practice. The task of keeping abreast with developments in this area can be challenging for busy practitioners due to expanding research, clinical specialisation, and the development of new applications. NPS MedicineWise's ‘Medical imaging hub’ provides the latest guidance on diagnostic imaging, focusing on common clinical conditions in primary care practice.

Sore ankle

Acute ankle and knee injuries

Ankle and knee sprains are common presentations in primary care, and the number of imaging requests for these injuries has been rising.



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Getty Images-1291540490-MRI-head-imaging-resized

Head imaging

When assessing the need for head imaging, consider potential benefits and harms to avoid inappropriate imaging and to minimise the risk of harms.


Recommendation from the Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists:

Don’t perform imaging of the brain for non-acute primary headache disorders.

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abdominal X-ray

Abdominal imaging

Chronic abdominal pain is common in primary care, but diagnostic imaging is often not needed.


Australian Prescriber article

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Shoulder imaging

Focused clinical history and physical examination is usually sufficient to diagnose non-traumatic shoulder pain in general practice, and guide management.

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