MedicineWise app

Keep track of medicines and access important health info anytime and anywhere, especially in emergencies. Funded by the Department of Health to assist you in managing your medicines.


A free medicine and health management app that helps people and their carers keep track of medicines and important health information, anytime, anywhere, especially in emergencies.


A smarter way to manage medicines

  • Create medicine and other health reminders​
  • Keep track of medicine dosage with the dose tracker​​
  • Record medical tests and results​
  • Record important health information​
  • Quickly access more information about medicines​
  • Sync data across multiple devices​
  • Store healthcare professional details​
  • Switch from patient to carer mode

The app that cares for carers

If you look after someone who takes regular medicines, whether that’s an older relative, a child or a friend, the MedicineWise app can give you the peace of mind and support you need to provide the best possible care.

  • Set up a carer profile
  • Access health information about the people you care for
  • Use the reminder function so that you never miss a dose
  • Share information with health professionals and other carers
  • Link to trusted information about medicines and conditions

What users say

Keith Anderson
25 June 2019
I use this app to keep track of and give accurate information on my many medications. Also great for when I attend hospital and specialists when they need to know all my meds and dosage. Great functional app.

Jenny Williams
29 July 2019
Easy to use and great if you have numerous medical issues. Makes new Dr and hospital visits a lot easier.

Darren Howard
2 April 2019
Fantastic app, saves me remembering all my requirements when filling out hospital forms which seems to be too often lately.


Latest updates


Information for health professionals

Medicine-related problems in Australia cause around 250,000 hospital admissions and 400,000 emergency department visits every year, but most of this estimated harm is potentially preventable. The MedicineWise app helps people get the most out of their medicines, safely.

The app provides practical support for consumers newly diagnosed with a condition, as well as those taking multiple medicines, and their carers.

  • Allows consumers and carers to keep track of different medicines and doses
  • Improves adherence and reduces the risk of hospital admissions
  • Links to trusted sources of information such as Medicine Finder and healthdirect
  • Helps consumers store health and medicine information in one place; important during an emergency
  • Improves and supports medicine reconciliation and decision-making by improving communication between consumers and health professionals

“As a hospital pharmacist, I’ve found the MedicineWise app invaluable in assisting my patients. It’s fast to set up, easy to use and a reputable source of information I can rely on.

“I’ve found it particularly helpful with surgical patients who are discharged on multiple medicines (multimodal pain relief, often antibiotics, anticoagulants, etc). This is a patient group that is often unused to taking medicines and quite often find it overwhelming. MedicineWise app is an excellent tool, highly recommend.”

Megan Maynard
CU Pharmacist, Epic Pharmacy
St Andrew’s Hospital, Brisbane


Supporting health priorities for Primary Health Networks

The MedicineWise app can also contribute to a number of priority areas including:

  • Population health, mental health and aged care.
  • New functionality available from February 2022 will provide another opportunity for consumers to link and view My Health Record information.

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