Australia’s leading large-scale general practice dataset

  • Over 650
    general practices
  • 2,700
    general practices
  • Over 3,000
    general practitioners
  • Approximately 3.6 million
    regular patients

What is the aim of MedicineInsight?

MedicineInsight was established to support quality improvement in general practice, post-market surveillance of medicines and primary care research. It is an increasingly important cornerstone of our mission to enable better health and economic outcomes.


How is MedicineInsight data used?

A unique and valuable resource to support research, policymaking and healthcare decisions

MedicineInsight includes monthly longitudinal, de-identified, whole-of-practice data extracted from the clinical information systems (CIS) from consenting general practices across Australia. Reports and data from MedicineInsight can be used to support research, inform policy development and improve healthcare decisions at local, regional and national levels.


What types of MedicineInsight reports and data are available?

Insight reports

Detailed data analyses for government, health system managers, policymakers and regulatory managers who require independent observational studies, post-marketing data and surveillance data to inform and evaluate their activities. Conducted by our team of data analysts, biostatisticians, epidemiologists, clinical advisors, medical writers and independent experts.

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Tabular data

Aggregated data for system managers and policymakers at federal, state and local levels who need to inform and evaluate their activities. Delivered according to agreed specifications by our team of data analysts, biostatisticians and epidemiologists.

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Data extracts

Data provided to researchers or other health organisation personnel who are experienced in analysing large datasets. Delivered by our team of data analysts to meet the needs of the researcher.

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How to access MedicineInsight reports or data

Access to MedicineInsight reports or data is subject to approval from our independent Data Governance Committee made up of consumer advisers, privacy and data experts, general practitioners and researchers. All enquiries for access to MedicineInsight reports or data must demonstrate alignment with the NPS MedicineWise mission.

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