Don: Messages to others – Think positively

Listen to patients and health professionals speak about their experience with taking multiple medicines.

Age at interview: 70
Number of medicines: 5
Cultural background: Anglo-Australian

Don has had a good experience with his medicines, so he encourages people to be confident when starting a new medicine.


What would you say to people who were about to start on the medicines that you currently take?


OK. I would say … be confident. They seem to work for me. Hopefully, they'll work for you. Everybody is different, but I think you can take these in all good faith and, for me, I have not experienced any adverse side effects and I know that … how some people always are worried about, ‘Well, what's this going to do to me?’ Seemingly, it hasn't adversely affected me in any way that I have been able to observe. But on the contrary, it's been quite positive, particularly for the neuralgia and obviously in keeping my blood pressure under reasonable control. It's done that too, so all I'm saying to them is, do it.

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