Glenn: Organising and storing medicines – Storing medicines for portability

Listen to patients and health professionals speak about their experience with taking multiple medicines.

Age at interview: 50
Number of medicines: 6
Cultural background: Anglo-Australian

Glenn has a pill box he uses when he is going out. He used to carry a full day’s medication in there but found there was the risk of taking his medicines incorrectly.

Yes, just a little grey pill box. It’s probably 30 millimetres by 30 millimetres by 15 millimetres deep. If I go … when I'm working, I'll put my medication in it for the day. I used to carry a spare day of medication; a full day of medication in there, in case I got caught somewhere, because that did happen. But I find that by having those extra tablets in there, I then am not too sure whether I've actually taken my tablets for that day. So I had to remove that. Now I have a container in the car, which is not the generic pill bottle that they come in but there is one in there and I just keep it separate in a cooler spot in the car in case I do get caught out.

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