Linda: Problems with multiple medicines (I) – Difficulties administering medicines

Listen to patients and health professionals speak about their experience with taking multiple medicines.

Age at interview: 53
Number of medicines: 5
Cultural background: British

Linda finds the enemas difficult and messy to use, as well as expensive and not very effective, so she does not use them every day as she knows she is supposed to.


And also the enemas. I'm supposed to take those every other day, but I don't.


What's the reason for avoiding them?


They're too messy! You just … the whole way the thing's produced and set up. You know, you've got to pump it, you've got to shake it for a minute, then you've got to use a syringe thing to pump the air in and then it squirts the stuff out … it squirts it all down the side all over the place and, again, it's about the cost. You know, $35 and I've had about four or five enemas out of it. It's like, ‘No, thanks.’ Just again, not really effective. Steroids didn't really manage my Crohn's disease at all.

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