Lyn: Travelling with multiple medicines – Preparing to travel with multiple medicines

Listen to patients and health professionals speak about their experience with taking multiple medicines.

Age at interview: 67
Number of medicines: 1
Cultural background: British-Australian

Lyn describes the steps she follows to ensure her overseas trips go smoothly when it comes to her medicines.

Again, that's always a bit of a problem, going overseas when you are taking multiple medications, so I always have a letter from my doctor saying what I'm taking and why I'm taking it. If I'm going to another country, I'll always ring an embassy and find out if there are any drugs that are restricted and not allowed to be taken into the country and worry about that afterwards. I just find it very convenient to have them already dosed in a week. But if we go overseas and I need to take extra, obviously we have to take them in the boxes and I always take a copy of the prescription. If there's any problems at customs when you're going into a new country, I've got it all there. I went to China with all my medications and I was a bit concerned. I had a horrible thought that I might be stopped at the border, because I had the morphine patches, but I had all the documentation needed and I sailed through and it was not a problem whatsoever.

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