Micaela: Organising and storing medicines – The work involved in organising medicines

Listen to patients and health professionals speak about their experience with taking multiple medicines.

Age at interview: 38
Number of medicines: 21
Cultural background: Anglo-Australian

Micaela resents having to organise her medicines, which she attributes to her personality.

Depressing! Frustrating! You just … I just get sick of the sheer amount of them and the fact that I'm on them every day. 

I'm not a very organised person and it's kind of weird. We all have these paradoxes. I love organising things that I enjoy! [laughs] I love organising going overseas, for example, and organising where I'm going and staying, but to be organised in the sense of, ‘Right! Now I know I need to take this medication here and blah, blah, blah ...’ No, I'm not interested! 

I know that's something I need to get over, but it's also part of my personality. [laughs] I'm very loath to ... if I'm not interested in something, if I don't see an immediate gratification from it [laughs], I'm very loath to get organised about it. Again, you know personal weakness. Then again, I think the same trait has allowed me to be a spontaneous person in certain respects too. But, you know, a bit of rigidity in some of my organisational skills would be helpful, with regards to my medications and supplements.

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