Niall: Travelling with multiple medicines – Preparing to travel with multiple medicines

Listen to patients and health professionals speak about their experience with taking multiple medicines.

Age at interview: 45
Number of medicines: 7
Cultural background: British (Caucasian)

Niall describes the kinds of things he needs to consider regarding his medicines when he is going away for work or holidays.

So, if I go away on holidays, I have to think, ‘Do I have enough of my main medication to cover the period I'm going to be away? Will I be able to get them, if I take my scripts, will I be able to get them where I'm going, or do I have to go and get more now? Do I have to go and get new scripts?’ … When I'm working away and in this job I've been to Adelaide, Alice Springs, Melbourne many times. It's just like going away on a weekend or a trip. How many days am I away for? How much medication do I need to take with me? Often, I'll take a couple of days extra, just in case there's a change in plans. 

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The Living with multiple medicines project was developed in collaboration with Healthtalk Australia.