Peter H: Travelling with multiple medicines – Medication organisers for travel

Listen to patients and health professionals speak about their experience with taking multiple medicines.

Peter H
Age at interview: 71
Number of medicines: 9
Cultural background: Anglo-Australian

The dosette box that Peter H uses is adequate for short trips away. He needs to be more careful about how much medicine he packs, and where in his luggage he stores it, when going on longer trips or overseas.

Oh well every Sunday, during the day, I fill up the dosette boxes and then it has the week's supply, each of them, a box of medicines. When I'm going overseas I get a little bit ahead usually so … because I've discovered that the pharmacy doesn't query if it's over three weeks between getting scripts filled. So it's fairly [easy] to get a few weeks ahead and make sure you have a … I leave home with enough tablets to last till I get home … The week's dosette box covers my trip to Sydney always because that's four days. Whereas the trip to the Czech Republic is a bit longer because that's normally, you know, a month to six weeks. So I have to take the whole smash then, I just carry it in the hand baggage, make sure it's not in my jet baggage at all.

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