Sue: Organising and storing medicines – Safety as the primary consideration

Listen to patients and health professionals speak about their experience with taking multiple medicines.

Age at interview: 65
Number of medicines: 16
Cultural background: Anglo-Australian

Sue stores all of her medicines on a tray. This means they are visible most of the time and quickly put away safely when her young grandchildren come to visit.

Well I store them there on the tray. Partly that's … then it just sits in that room there which is a reasonably cool part of the house, it's away from the heat. If I have people coming for lunch or whatever and we go and sit around the table I can just pick them up and move them all. One of them ... these ones … has to be in the fridge so they're normally kept in the fridge. I’ve just got them out for today but otherwise they're just there contained. And also the grandchildren are getting older now but when they were smaller I could then just pick them up and put them right at the top somewhere and so they were out of the way and we didn't have to worry about the medications

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