MedicineInsight for consumers

If the medical centre you visit participates in MedicineInsight, you’re in good hands. MedicineInsight provides your GP with the latest evidence and up-to-date information about the treatment of your medical condition. 

MedicineInsight explained

Prof Nigel Stocks, chair of the MedicineInsight Data Governance Committee, explains in simple terms what MedicineInsight is, what data is collected, how it is used and why consumers can feel confident in the security of their data.

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MedicineInsight is a national health information program with funding provided by the Australian Government Department of Health. The program collects deidentified information from the medical records held by your doctor. This information is used to help your doctor provide the best and safest possible care. MedicineInsight data is an important resource for public health research in Australia. Contributing your deidentified health data for MedicineInsight research purposes is a public good that leads to improvements in health at a population level through use in approved research studies.

Find out more about approved MedicineInsight research studies


How does MedicineInsight help me?

MedicineInsight provides your GP with the latest evidence and up-to-date information about clinical care. This means your GP can do their job more efficiently and give you the best and safest health care possible.

MedicineInsight is helping Australia’s health care system get the services and resources it needs, where it needs them, which means you stay healthier. 


How do I opt out of MedicineInsight?

NPS MedicineWise and health professionals respect that you may not choose to take part in MedicineInsight. If you do not want your practice to continue to share information from your medical record with MedicineInsight, you can opt out of the program at any time by filling out the opt out form, by following the link below or asking for a copy at your medical practice.

The MedicineInsight program cannot directly receive your opt-out form, as the program may only receive deidentified information. The signed opt-out form must be given to and kept at your medical practice and not shared with NPS MedicineWise.

Choosing not to take part in MedicineInsight will not affect the medical care that you receive in any way.

Download the MedicineInsight opt-out form


What information is collected?

MedicineInsight collects information about your medical history, health care and lifestyle. Your name, date of birth and address are not collected. This means no information is collected that can identify you. Although data is not linked to individuals, it may contain sensitive information, such as a patient’s postcode, whether they are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background, or whether they have specific conditions.


How is the information used?

The information is used to improve the quality of health care you receive, for health research, and to inform health policy. The information collected is also combined with data from other practices for educational programs.


Need more information?

If you would like further information about MedicineInsight: